• Working with the RoLE Model Team I co-developed and delivered the inaugural “Multidimensional Biodiversity Data” workshop, offered in conjunction with the 2023 Evolution meeting in Albuquerque, NM.

  • I contributed guest lectures and class activities to the course “Ecological and Evolutionary Theory for a Changing World” at the University of Maine (taught by my postdoctoral advisor, Dr. Andy Rominger). This course interleaves a survey of major theories in ecology and evolution with a critical historical perspective on the history of our field and practical exercises in data analysis and ecological modeling using R and GitHub.

  • In fall 2020, I independently developed and taught lab modules for UF’s introductory environmental studies course, EVS2000L. These included a mix of field exercises and tutorials for analyzing spatial and temporal data using R.


For examples of my teaching materials, see my Curricula section.